Ear Wax Removal

Request an appointment today if you feel you need ear wax removal. We use the most advanced, safe and effective procedures using microsuction to remove ear wax. A build-up of wax can cause you issues so contact us to start the journey of better hearing health.

Appointments and Pricing

Ear Wax removal one ear
Examination with video otoscope in both ears and ear wax removal for one ear.
45 min | £45

Ear wax removal for both ears
Examination with video otoscope in both ears, consultation, and wax removal for both ears.
60 min | £60

Ear Examination
An ear examination with video otoscope in both ears to determine if ear wax is needed for removal.
15 min | £25

Home visit for examination and wax removal in one or both ears
Examination with video otoscope in both ears, consultation, and wax removal for one or both ears.
60min | £70

Hearing screeningFREE (Ears need to be wax free and can be performed after ear examination/wax removal if needed)

Ear care and hearing health made simple

We use the TympaHealth system, which is the most advanced. It’s the first all-in-one system to assess ear and hearing health in the world and we are fully trained and equipped to use it. It has three different types of diagnostic and treatment systems into one small and portable hand-held device. In just 30 minutes the device can perform a high-definition digital otoscopy (examination of the inner structure of the ear), ear wax removal by microsuction – the gold standard of the industry – and hearing screening.

The high-definition digital otoscopy

This enables a detailed examination into the inner structure of the ear. Any issues or problems can be immediately detected via HD images captured through a smart phone. The digitised images can be instantly shared with specialists located anywhere, if a second opinion is required.

Ear Wax Removal - MD Health Poulton-le-Fylde
Ear Wax Removal - MD Health Poulton-le-Fylde

Diagnosis made easy

If we detect any wax build-up, we will safely remove it with microsuction. After we have performed the microsuction we examine the overall health of your ears and make a record. If we don’t remove any ear wax we will talk you through the next steps, if applicable. If there are any concerns during the appointment, your ear images will be reviewed remotely by ENT specialist, as part of the service.

The microsuction process

Microsuction is the most effective and safest way to remove ear wax. A low pressure suction tube is inserted into the ear lobe. Our practitioner has a microscopic lens attached to the device so they are able to properly investigate and have a very clear view inside the ear canal to safely remove ear wax. The microsuction process can be noisy and we will remind you of this prior to microsuction.

Simple ear screening

The screening we do is a four frequency band test – 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz. It is a very simple and safe procedure using headphones and will help us determine if there are any issues that are affecting the quality of your hearing health.

Hearing health should always be important

It is crucial to look after your ears and protect your hearing health, just as we would visit a doctor if we have a health problem or see a dentist if we have toothache. It is a good habit to have to maintain regular checks for your ears and hearing health.

MD Health – your local hearing health provider – a safe and effective friendly one-to-one service. Contact us today to start the journey to improved ear and hearing health.

Ear Wax Removal - MD Health Poulton-le-Fylde
Ear Wax Removal - MD Health Poulton-le-Fylde

How to prepare for wax removal

Before your appointment we will advise you to soften the wax by using Olive Oil drops, such as Earol, unless you are aware that you have a perforated ear drum. We will give you professional advice prior to using any drops so please ask us any questions.

How do I know I have a build-up of ear wax?

There are some common signs to look out for which is a good indication you have too much ear wax and it is starting to affect your hearing health. These are:

  • Any loss of hearing
  • Vertigo (feeling nauseas or dizzy)
  • Buzzing or ringing in the ears
  • Earache
  • A feeling that your ear or ears are blocked

Around 2.3 million people in the UK suffer with an excess of ear wax so if you are experiencing any of the above, you are certainly not alone! What is important is that you should act now to improve your hearing health.

How do I know if I have a problem affecting my hearing health?

In addition to the signs above there are others which may mean you have a problem or may have some hearing loss. These are:

  • Asking people to repeat things because you cannot hear them clearly
  • Loss of balance
  • Having to turn up the volume on the TV or radio
  • Having to move closer to people to hear them talk
  • Discharge
  • Coughing
Ear Wax Removal in Blackpool & Poulton-le-Fylde

At MD Health, we also offer a hearing screening if you are concerned about any of the above. The screening can be performed if your ears are wax free and after ear wax removal.

How much will ear wax removal cost?

Removal is a cost effective process and starts at £35 for one ear and that includes an examination with video otoscope (HD examination capturing digitised images on smartphone by our practitioner) in both ears. Any wax and debris is removed immediately and your hearing could improve instantly.

How do you remove the ear wax?

We use microsuction, a safe and effective process using the most advanced technology. A low-pressure suction tube is inserted into the ear. It is pain-free and we don’t use any water.

Your appointment will last up to 30 minutes and you will be able to go about your day as normal and can resume your usual daily activities.

Contact us to get started and improve your hearing health.

Will microsuction hurt?

Microsuction should only give you a mild sensation in your ear and minimal pain and discomfort. The ear canal is highly sensitive and our practitioner takes care when touching around that area. Microsuction can be noisy.

Can’t I ask my GP surgery to remove it?

Unfortunately the NHS no longer offer ear wax removal as a core or essential service, so there is a strong possibility you will not be able to get it done by your GP surgery if you ask them, even if you have had this done there before.

Ear Wax Removal - MD Health Blackpool

We offer a safe and effective alternative performed by a trained practitioner, either in our clinic or at home.

What will happen if I don’t get the wax removed?

The good news is that your ears are self-cleaning and if you produce a normal amount of wax there is no need to have it removed. In fact, ear wax can be beneficial and plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Your ear produces wax to clean and protect itself. However, once it builds up and becomes excessive it blocks and can become uncomfortable or even painful.

How NOT to remove ear wax

Cotton buds are made of artificial fibres that can cause inflammation to your ear which is already highly sensitive so it is best to avoid using them. They can also perforate your ear drum.

Ear syringing pumps lukewarm water into your ear but this is a practice that can also be harmful and can cause inflammation.

The safest way to remove a normal amount of ear wax is to carefully wipe it away with a wet cloth.

At MD Health we use the safest and most effective way of removing ear wax using microsuction. Contact us with any questions and to book an appointment.

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